Yung Wing was the first Chinese graduate of an American university. He graduated from Yale College in 1854.





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The Yung Wing Project is dedicated to the research and primary documentation of Yung Wing and the Chinese Educational Mission (CEM). Its main purpose is to provide educators and students with ready access to otherwise obscure material.

What you will find here:

  A complete roster of the 120 students who participated in the Chinese Educational Mission, as well as a list of officials and notable supporters of the CEM in the United States and China.

A contextual chronology, placing the events of Yung Wing's life and the history of the Chinese Educational Mission in a relationship with international events.


A collection of public domain photographs, drawings and newspaper clippings relevant to Yung Wing and the Chinese Educational Mission.


A large number of primary sources on Yung Wing and the Chinese Educational Mission, including Yung Wing's memoir My Life in China and America.


An extensive bibliography.

What you will not find here:


Detailed information about each participant in the Chinese Educational Mission. An excellent website run by the descendants of several CEM students already provides this information.


A biography of Yung Wing. This might change in the future.


Any kind of commentary or contextual information on the texts or images. This might also change in the future.



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